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Better Halves Photo Story


Art Direction + Set Design


Art Director



Produced in collaboration with Nathan Perkins


Photo story for Issue 6 of Shellsuit Zombie magazine


For the 6th issue of Shellsuit Zombie magazine, I collaborated with a fellow creative and friend to create a photo story in response to the issue 6 theme ‘I still don’t know what I’m doing’.

Our concept explores pairings that appear to be obscure and nonsensical, making you wonder what on earth is going on?

The idea came to light after a conversation about being in line at a supermarket checkout, and seeing peculiar item combinations being purchased together. We don't know why that person is buying those items together, if there is a reason? We don't know what they are doing and our imaginations ran with it...

This then led to an unconventional trip to Tesco for inspiration. We scoured the shelves for items that could be interesting to pair together, that could hint at a potential story but at the same time saying nothing coherent at all.

Full transparency; there were moments during this project where we didn't know exactly what we were doing or aiming for, but in the spirit of the theme, we embraced that feeling and went with the flow of how the project was progressing; which we completed from start to finish in one weekend.

I was responsible for the art direction and set design.

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